{about me}

My name is Kimberly, but you can call me Kim, or Kimster, or Kimbo Slice, or Kimpossible. My alter-ego prefers kg, but we try not to encourage her. She's cray-cray...but in a nerdy-gangster-white-girl kind of way. I say things like "that's what she said" and "your mom" more than is socially acceptable. I have a debilitating fear of whales. I choose television over anything involving the outdoors and my favorite food is chicky-chicky parm-parm.


In 2007 I moved to Nome Alaska and married my husband because I-didn't-move-here-for-nothing-put-a-ring-on-it.

Living -literally- in the middle of nowhere is really weird. There's no mall, no Olive Garden and no way out except by airplane. Every day I am thankful for the almighty internet.

In February 2015 we welcomed our baby girl into the world, and she will be our greatest adventure and best Valentine's gift of all time.

This blog is where I ramble about the crazy stuff I can't unsee, things I love, and everything in between. You can follow my alter-ego on the twitter. I pretend to read books on goodreads, and I'm addicted to that time-suck known as Pinterest. Sometimes, I blog with my best friend Angela at bestie to bestie. And if you are really not sick of me yet, you can follow my tumblr. My crazy is all over the interwebz. you're welcome.