Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ball O' Fringe

I've had a very large orange paper halloween lantern for years now, and I've always wanted to re-purpose it into something I could use year round but never knew what to do...
until I came across this super adorable blog Oh Happy Day.

I love the little lanterns she made and decided that I could totally do that with the big lantern.

I started with the black and then went to navy blue and finished with baby blue. The transition isn't as subtle as I wanted originally but I am still quite pleased with it.

It now resides above our dining table.

Isn't crepe paper amazing?

I ordered every color The Crepe Paper Store had in stock.

And the shipping took no time at all which is awesome. love it!


  1. Ooooo Ahhhh, I like the ball o' fringe!

  2. I absolutely love it!! I wanna see alllll the paper creations!

  3. We're featuring you on our home page! Come join our network!!!


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