Monday, June 25, 2012

Sometimes I'm crafty...

A couple weeks ago I attended a baby shower for one of my good friends. And since I can't just hop on a dog sled to hit up Babies R Us, I decided to make a diaper cake. 
 A few years ago I ordered a similar cake on ebay for a baby shower and thought, wow I could make that.   So the Friday before the baby shower I googled how to make a diaper cake and found this awesome video from Diaper Cakes by Becca.

 here's my attempt at making a diaper cake... it took me a few hours to make, 
but that included the time it took me to buy the diapers. Everything else I had at home.
(note: I used 100 size 1 Huggies.)

I used a large amount of white gift tissue paper for the center of the cake 
but you can put a small blanket in the center to hold the layers together.  
I used fancy scissors around the edge of the blue tissue that I used for the topper. 

 My bestie recently taught me how to make the cute tissue paper carnations from Folding Trees. 
 I just slipped them between the diapers so they are easy to remove when mom is ready to take apart the cake.  And yes I covered the cardboard base in foil.

 I love these cakes because they can be as simple or as fancy and you want, 
and they are a great centerpiece at the baby shower...not to mention so useful! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

My name isn't Maybe...

catchy lyrics, kazoos, ukuleles and Jimmy Fallon. what's not to love?


 Happy Friday my bizzles!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I've borrowed about a hundred books from my bestie...

and bought another hundred because Barnes and Noble is like crack cocaine. 
(had to spell check 'cocaine' which is surprising.)

I've read maybe 7 of these so far.

now if only I could tear myself away from tumblr and pinterest long enough to read the rest of them.

what books are you reading this summer?

Friday, June 1, 2012

5 random things that make me happy

Positive music.
because I'm trying to be more positive and less grumpy bitter stabbymcstabberson.
have I said "positive" enough?

Let's Pretend This Never Happened
I've never laughed so hard whilst reading a book in my life.
Jenny is crazy and brilliant.

Melissa and Joey
I dvr'd a marathon of this show and I've got to say this slightly cheesy modern Who's The Boss 
makes my heart smile...if my heart had a mouth. obviously.
ps...I've been watching Melissa since she was Explaining it All on Nickelodeon and Joey still had hair and his brothers were allowed on TV. so there's that.

Speaking of cheesy ABC Family shows
I am super excited for....
From the creator of Gilmore Girls BOOM!
This show is going to be freaking fantastic!

and for some reason this made me laugh so hard...
srsly I can't stop watching it.
I laugh every. single. time.
I hate when that happens.

Happy Friday y'all!