Thursday, May 17, 2012

because this hasn't happened in forever...

hey guys, my last post was super cryptic and depressing,
so today I'm talking about random shizzle that may or may not be sad.
not like my cat just died sad, but like, I'm turning into a cat lady sad.


We watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls earlier this year.
All five hundred seasons.
Is it weird that I have an overwhelming urge to watch it over again?

I miss it you guys, so much.

found my "pity flower" from Mother's Day
 all shriveled up today.
Like my ovaries.
Just kidding.
No seriously.

Speaking of pity and ovaries.
This is my new favorite ice cream of all time.

three words: Vampire freaking Diaries.
the season finale made my brain explode.


and these are from the future. I swear it.

I left them in a car when it was 100 degrees outside.
brought them in the house and they got cold again!
what kind of crazy wizardry is this?!



  1. 1. why am i even debating watching Gilmore Girls ?!?!?! I do not have the time!!

    2. Oh best. For real. This needs to be fixed like yesterday. And by fixed I mean this whole stinky pile of bs. For real. That's it. Shanks out. Answers need be found. It's go time, baby. Or someone is losing a finger! <--idk what any of that meant. I think: i love you.

    3. Mine is Karamel Sutra. Holy hell it is heaven in my freaking face hole!

    4. I AM STILL BEHIND!! I think I shall have to watch today whilst folding laundry. <-- only partial fail. I'm scared. I'm scared and yet I want it soooo bad.

    5. I bet it was the pretty from the future. He wanted to make sure you were taken care of. fin.


  2. 1. Ang is missing out on the BEST.DIALOG.EVER. 'Nuff said!

    2. It was NOT a friggin "pity flower" ARE GOING TO BE A MOM, just not least 9 months away. Relish the sleep-in time! SERIOUSLY

    3. Everything, but the... Hey, did you know Ben & Jer actually figured out the best way to cut up chunks of Heath Bar? (Ben wanted lots of small piece, Jerry wanted a few chunks)...they froze a case, then dropped it from the top of a 6'ladder...viola! PERFECT! (You're welcome for the most amazing fun-fact EVER!)

    4. I'm just glad to see him back on Lost...if only for a minute...

    5. That's awesome! Bet I'll be able to buy it at a REASONABLE PRICE for this coming flu season! Mwaaahaaahaa


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