Monday, January 9, 2012

we're still finding feathers everywhere...

Oh twilight. You've had my heart in a choke hold for almost three years, but I think I'm finally over it.
Sure, I spent a million dollars to fly to Anchorage just to watch a vampire and a human get pregnant on the first try and to see a bunch of werewolves talk like an overacted Disney cartoon, but I think I am over it.

Don't get me wrong, I was super excited to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 while we were sitting in a theater full of teenage girls and their boyfriends who I'm sure were promised a few less-than-chaste favors in return for sitting through a movie about sparkly vampires.

It could have been the Sheet I had just taken or the pocket loaded with feathers ready to launch during a certain headboard-busting scene that made it that much more exciting. But once the sheet-talk wore off and my feather buzz was gone, I was left with an "eh." feeling. When I saw New Moon I wanted to watch it twice a day. It was beautiful and funny and heartbreaking...not so much with Breaking Dawn.

I am just so ready for this series to be over, and yet they keep dragging it on and on. Do we seriously have to wait another year to see the conclusion? Even the Harry Potter peeps knew that was a terrible idea. Why is twilight trying to kill me? And more importantly, who is totally psyched to see The Hunger Games?

At the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn we had to watch at least a hundred movie trailers.
There was one person in the audience who would yell at the screen every time a new trailer began, saying
"just show us twilight already!" until The Hunger Games preview began...and a collective squee was heard and then silence. We had seen it before on youtube, but nothing compared to seeing it on the big screen.
That countdown at the end give me chills every time.

I miss that feeling with twilight.

....oh wait, twilight never gave me that feeling.

ps...I may or may not have seen Breaking Dawn three more times when it came to Nome.

stop judging me.

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  1. *hand shots up* Oh! OH! ME!! I'm excited!!! Sooooofaking excited!!!!

    *dances around city girl erratically*

    p.s. I just rewatched the trailer and, you guessed it, cried. yerp.


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