Monday, January 16, 2012

everybody loves whales...


there are plenty of people who hate whales.

I know this because I'm president of the "nuke the whales" club.

which is precisely why they had to rename that Big Miracle movie.

sure, it was actually filmed in Alaska opposed to Canada...which like never happens,
because we all know The Fourth Kind was filmed in the least Nome-looking town ever.

it's like they weren't even trying.

Anyways.....I can never see this movie.

I can't even watch the movie trailer without becoming paralyzed with fear.

that preview pops up outta no where and I scream like I was just stabbed in the face.

I mean, they don't even ease into it.

just ...BAM! WHALE! first scene on the screen.

It's terrifying!

I would rather watch all the Saw movies with my eyes tapped open than watch a movie about whales.

I may need psychiatric help.


  1. 0-0
    idk what to say.
    how's that?

    1. do you love me enough to visit me in the psych ward? ;)

  2. What's next?!?! Will Disnry try to convince us to start saving Giant Squids, too?

    1. I know! my second biggest fear is the evil octopus lady from The Little Mermaid.

  3. know those white people just stole dinner from the Eskimos up there...dang white people!

    Funny, you can't handle whales, but a stone cold, sparkly vampire (who sucks BLOOD) is ok...and CHILDREN killing each other for the entertainment of others...yep, that's ok too. Oh, and the rubber suit...ok....

    Not sure if your priorities are straight here...

    1. yea, but whales are HUUUUGE and they live in the big scary ocean and they can swallow me whole, and they are covered in barnacles and they are just ewww gross!

      maybe if the whales wanted me to like them they would spend more time being sparkly and less time being nasty sea dwellers. ;)


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