Tuesday, December 6, 2011

City Girl's (Sort of) Alaskan Gift Guide...

Living in Alaska is hard. When you live in a place where function trumps fashion, you learn to compromise.

But just because we're in the wilderness doesn't mean we have to sacrifice the luxuries in life...
except Starbucks and IMAX...I have to deal with sub-par hot chocolate and a movie screen that doesn't accentuate every mole on Rob Pattinson's body. Why is my life so hard?

Here's a list of gifts that even the most outdoorsy girl can't resist, and any city girl should not live without.

1. Furry Headphone Earmuffs from AE.com
Pretty much brilliant. Why didn't we think of it sooner?

2. New Wayfarer Sunglasses by Ray-Ban
Okay, so the sun may only be out for 4 hours a day, but when it is, I need me some shades.

3. Essential Down Duffle Parka from Eddie Bauer
It's basically a sleeping bag with arms. What's not to love?

 The cutie patootie boy at the MAC counter admitted that he could never live anywhere that didn't have a make-up counter, after I told him our only make-up options in Nome were at Safeway. *shudder*

5. Open Knit Neck Warmer from Forever 21
because the only thing I fit into at F21 is a scarf.

Happy Shopping!!

(disclaimer: I don't get paid to recc' this shizz. I just like it. the end.)


  1. Just bought myself a new winter coat very similar to the Eddie Bauer one you listed. Because I'm moving to Minnesota and I "have" to have it. Tee hee. Minnesota's nothing compared to Alaska, though... let's see... if I moved to Alaska instead, maybe I'd get some absolutely necessary and adorable boots, too...

  2. That's MY coat! Yes....it is amazeballs! And when I leave here, maybe I'll give it to you?! Because I may not need it in the "south"....haha!

  3. Nice post! I love neck warmers. The bigger, the poofier the better :) Saw an ivory one at Aldo but settled for a purse instead. Oops.


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