Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm such a good girl sometimes.

During our "epic" snowpacolypse omgosh-we-are-all-gonna-die-storm my office was closed.
So I chilled at home and played on facebook and did the dishes.
That is not a typo, I washed all the dishes.
that right there is a serious miracle of miracles, people.

Dan of course had to work. Damn hospitals.

So when Dan got home we took a little drive to check out the crazy ocean waves and road damage.
Then went to the store for Cool Ranch Doritos and Red Bull, which was obviously my dinner.
I think it complimented the pumpkin pie I ate for lunch quite nicely.

As we were strolling through the supermarket Dan asked me to carry the basket.
Later as we were headed to the check out, he said, "thank you. You've been so helpful today."
and I was all, "I know, right? I did the dishes today and I'm carrying the groceries. can I have ice cream since I've been so helpful today?"
of course I didn't wait for an answer, and chose a delicious ice cream Twix bar... and dare I say it was amazeballs?! srsly, you guys. everyone talks about Snickers, but the Twix is where it's at. The end.