Tuesday, August 23, 2011

this is why I like treadmills...

Last Saturday Dan and I decided we needed to embrace the sunshine we've been receiving by going for a walk.

Also, our truck was getting new tires, so why not just walk and pick it up.

I had to pee by time we made it to the truck.

It only took us fifteen minutes to get there.

and this is why I don't exercise outside.

because you never know when your bladder is going to be all "dude, I hope there's a bathroom near by or you are wearing an adult diaper, cause it's go time."

My biggest fear is that I'll be really far from my house, and I'll need to go rightfreakinnow, and I have to try and get home without wetting myself.

Dan thinks I have the bladder the size of a peanut.

I just think it's worn out from years of holding it during the Lord Of The Rings movies.

because I paid good money to watch Orlando Bloom kicking ass in a Lady Gaga wig.

Seriously, holding your pee for 3 hours while drinking like a Hobbit is bound to cause some damage.


  1. I always go before I run! If I don't then pretty much 100% of the time, I have to #2 miles from home. That is the worst situation ever. No good, I say! No good!

  2. P.S. Just to clarify any possible confusion, the above comment was ROB talking about his #2.

    (hilarious blog though!)


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