Saturday, July 30, 2011

hand me the remote, i could do this all day.

During our three week stint as gypsies...aka vacation, we stayed with many family members.

Our first stop was Dan's parent's house.

One day, Dan and I were hanging out watching tv while my in-laws were running some errands.

As I was flipping through the cable guide I would stop at all my favorite shows that happened to be playing.

Every show I clicked on was....

wait for it...


What does that say about my taste in television?

Dan says it means I like "all the dirty shows".


When I channel surf, if any of these shows are on, that is what I'm going to watch. Even if its a rerun.

Vampire Diaries
I truly don't think I've gushed over this show enough.

It makes my heart burst with sparkly rainbows of joy.

How I Met Your Mother
My netflix queue is overflowing with HIMYM.
(Srsly, I could dedicate an entire post to this show I love it so much.)

Chelsea Lately
That snarky biznatch has stolen my heart.

Disgusting and hilarious. I can.not.get.enough.

My love for this spunky kid show knows no bounds.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Pretty much anything Kardashian related. Khloe and I are totally BFFs.

Gilmore Girls
The show with witty "gun-fire" dialogue.

That 70's Show
This show will never stop being funny. ever.

Make It Or Break It
two words: Johnny Pacar.

Apparently, I have a sick twisted eclectic taste in programming.

and yes, I did end up watching iCarly at my in-laws house.

What are some of your favorite television shows?


  1. Love muffin, you need to get with Real Housewives of NJ. We share almost all of the same shows and I promise you'll like it too!

  2. Two of my favourites - Gilmore Girls, and HIMYM, are already on the list. Also up there on my list is a British series called Black Books. It only went for three or four seasons but I think it fits into all of "sick", "twisted" and "eclectic" (and proud of it). Give it a go!


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