Monday, August 22, 2011

current obsessions

A list of things I spend hours watching/browsing instead of doing laundry, cooking, cleaning or anything else remotely productive. 

Yes, I've always liked her, but I had forgotten how freakin' awesome she is.
(ps...she swears like a sailor...which just makes me love her even more. you've been warned.)

(if you want to watch another awesome Sara video, check out her Single Ladies cover.)

 Great for those times when I'm too impatient to order books online.
(actual screenshot from my phone.)

Netflix for iPhone 
Now I don't have to stop watching tv when I go the bathroom. thank you, technology.
I recently watched Love Hurts featuring my tv boyfriend, Johnny Pacar...
eye sexin'...he's doin' it right.
(screencap from Make It Or Break It. *melts*)

Yes, I found another social network-y time-suck.

I cannot express how much I love this blog. It is hilarious.
Bonus: I found this clip via STFUParents and I died laughing. You're welcome.

Here's hoping you get through the day without dropping your phone, or a baby. Happy Monday.

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