Friday, March 18, 2011

it's freezing balls in my office.

that title alone may get me a scolding from my mother about being unlady-like.

*quirks eyebrow* ...that ship has sailed long ago.

Every morning, I wake up in my snuggly warm bed and dread hitting the snooze button for fear that my arm will  freeze off Teminator-style if it leaves the safety of my comforter.

I practically drag my bedding into the bathroom with me.

Heaven forbid I drop the blanket in toilet water.

I can't deal with that sort of drama in the morning.

This entire morning routine is why I shower at night.

If I showered in the A.M. I would never ever get out.

(atleast until the hot water runs out)

It's just like being in bed...except I'm standing and naked and wet.

So not at all like being in bed...I hope. Just go with it.

Once I manage to wriggle out of my blanket burrito, I get dressed for work.

I try so hard to be professional.

(okay not too hard, I don't want to hurt myself.)

But wearing cute dresses and even dress pants is such a pain here.

The other day I wore two pairs of tights to work...TWO.

I mean, it takes me 3 minutes to drive to work, but I'm shivering the whole way.
I look forward to Friday all week long not because it's the end of the week, but because I can wear jeans.

I know what you are saying, "But why does it matter when you are inside the office all day?"

Well, because my office is freezing balls.

Just my office. I swear it's the only office in the entire building without heat.

My space heater and I are BFFs.

Seriously, I'm *this* close to bringing a snuggie to work.


  1. Oh honey. It makes me so sad that you are freezing so much. I wish I could send some of my nice toasty warm weather to you! It made me cold just reading this post! And it's 60 something degrees out there!

  2. My office is also freezing balls. I have a theory that there's a ghost that lives under my desk it's so damned cold under there...

    My section head actually keeps a spare horse blanket in her office to wrap around her when it's cold!

  3. The office I work in is also super cold. I have a space heater and a sweater I crawl into when I get to work each morning. I have threatened to wear my Snuggie to work before. Don't think they are taking me of these days...


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