Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what blog title will best distract my readers from the fact that I haven't blogged in two months? oh wait.

Well, I want to say 2010 was full of blogging fail for me.

Not only did I suck at posting here, but I also put my twilight love child on hiatus. and I hate hiatuses.

It is a new year, which I am hoping will be filled with new and exciting things to blog about.

But nothing exciting has happened yet, so lets take a look back at the last year, shall we?

Here are my top ten in two thousand ten...

10. I read a lot of books in 2010, all of which have sequels. why do I torture myself so?!

9. I blogged about dieting and exercise...be prepared for more of that nonsense in the future.

8. I found some wonderful new blogs that I adore, and may have distracted me from my own blogging.

7. I let you all in on my deepest darkest fear, my fear and hatred of whales.

6. My husband and I saw Lady Gaga in concert, and she rocked our faces off. (vid not filmed by me.)

5. I discovered I have almost 40 blog posts still in Draft form. just further proof that I have the attention span of a gnat, and rarely complete coherent -oh look! shiny!

4. In July my friends and I threw an awesomeballz Eclipse pre-show party here in Nome.

3. Our roommate of almost 2 years moved back home in December. it was bittersweet, and I am currently suffering from empty nest syndrome.

2. We are officially the champions of not making grandchildren for my husband's parents. I'm still waiting for that gold metal in the mail. Maybe this year my brothers will help us with my side of the family.

1. I bought my first ukulele after becoming utterly infatuated with Elly at Bugginword. Maybe by the end of 2011 I will actually learn a song well enough to record it. or not.

and a total bonus...
my wonderful friend, Kim from Nomemade, designed this awesome shirt just for me!
Thank you, Kim! and everyone else, you're welcome for the boob shot.

aaaaaand I'm out.