Saturday, November 13, 2010

This is the story of a girl....

*the following was originally posted in my "about kg" page. this is my poor attempt at posting without actually putting forth any effort. cut and paste are my bff's.*

I've never been outdoorsy. I grew up dancing ballet and hanging out at the mall.

Dead animals freak me out, especially when they're on the wall.

I don't hunt or fish. I can't eat anything that I've seen while it was still living.

I always imagined I would move to the big city after high school to become a fashion designer or a musician or something.

It all changed when I fell for a boy. And then that boy moved away.

I partied like a rock star 'til I was broke and moved back in with my parents. 

After talking to Dan almost every night for a month, he asked me when I was going to move to Alaska.

Crazy, right?

So, I moved from Central Washington to Nome Alaska in February 2007.

It was my first time flying on an airplane, and my first time living away from my family.

My first night in Alaska was spent in the Anchorage airport.

Good times.

Fast forward 4 years.

We are still in Alaska. We are married, with no kids. We both work full time, and spend our free time, watching movies, playing video games, four-wheeling, enjoying nature and of course blogging.

I'm still not too keen on this whole "living in the middle of nowhere" thing, but we are happy together, and everyday is an adventure.

This is my life in rural Alaska.


Have you ever done something 
that everyone else told you was "crazy"?

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