Saturday, October 9, 2010

in the daylight anywhere feels like home

For the past couple weeks I have been on an emotional roller coaster.

It has been frustrating and uncontrollable.

But I really don't want to talk about that.

I don't want to think about the darkness that is closing in.

Or the air that freezes your nose, and chills your bones.


I just want to wave to the daylight.

Sometimes, something as simple as a song is all you need to lift your spirits.

Now, everybody dance.

(thank you bestie for sharing this song with me. you are always there to make me smile, even when you don't realize it.)


  1. This is my new favy fave album! And I'm so glad the song makes you smile bestie. I can't imagine how much you miss the sun during the long winter months. I will send you more sunshine in 5-4-3-2-1!

  2. Very cool! I'd like to leave a comment but I have to go because I can't wait to try to crawl inside my freezer!


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