Wednesday, September 15, 2010

dear civilization, i miss a lot.

I am back to the world of dirt roads, 10 dollar gallons of milk, and 4wheelers.

I miss the land of malls and freeways, where Rockstar Energy only cost 2 bones.

Truly, I am poor now.

I bought far too many clothes, and books...
and paid outrageous overweight luggage fees because of it...
do they not realize I live in freaking Alaska? Have some sympathy, people...gosh!

I also gorged myself on Olive Garden and Sonic.
By the way, I'd never been to Sonic and I finally understand why all their commercials take place in the front seat of a car. *facepalm*
I thought they were just being clever...or cheap.

I encountered my first Apple store whilst shopping in Seattle.
It pretty much ninja'd my brain.
They rang up our purchases using an iPod Touch. *brain explodes*
I know that this stuff has probably been around for a while,
but I live in bum-frick-egypt so I feel like I'm time traveling every time I go on vacation.
I'm like Marty McFly and my DeLorian is an Alaska Airlines plane.

We spent a lot of time in the car... more specifically on the freeway.
All I can remember is thinking, "holy effin' eff! all these cars are going so fast...we-are-all-going-to-die!"
*deep breaths*
And that is why my husband doesn't let me drive. We can only handle one panic attack at a time.

Side note: Trusting iPhone GPS is only convenient when you have an overabundance of time at your disposal... you will get to where you are going, but you will be taking the scenic route... and by "scenic" I mean, through construction.

Our first week was spent soaking up the sun and singing "I'm on a boat!" at the lake with the hubby's family.

For our anniversary weekend, we party'd it up in Tacoma at The Monster Ball.

And the last week was spent with my family, BBQ'ing, playing games and watching The Hangover.

Word to the wise, don't play Banana-grams with kg, unless you plan on playing it dirty-word-style.
My mother is so proud.

There is so much more that I couldn't possibly write about now, seeing as I'm still recuperating.
I have a vacation hangover, if you will. And the only cure is another vacation.

Next time...Vegas, baby!

ps...the Sonic blue coconut slushee is bomb!

pss...Lady Gaga in concert rocked my freakin world. Just sayin'.


  1. We just got a Sonic in my home town and it rocks my socks all the way to the moon. I am currently sipping on a Raspberry Limeade. So good.

    Also, I am so jealous that you got to see Lady Gaga. SO jealous. I <3 her.

    Also, I love the Northwest. I'm jealous much that you got to hang out up there.

    Congrats muchly on the Anniversary. :)

  2. Sounds like you had fun! I love the new background too!! (Haven't ventured over here in a while.)

    Thank you for your prayers. That means so much to me.

  3. I just had a serious need for a Blue Coconut slush.

  4. My heart just skipped a beat and you know why!!!
    Holy crap face I can't wait for February!!!

  5. aaahh, i love sonic! i'm with kate and sooo love that raspberry limeade!


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