Friday, June 11, 2010

i don't read books because if they are any good they'll turn 'em into a mini-series

me: Hey, our library sucks. I'm thinking about doing one of those netflix for books things.

Dan: Is that the Kardashian one? They can't read.

me: What? no, that's Shoedazzle, that's for shoes.

Dan: See, I told you they couldn't read.

me: *blink blink* Seriously I need new books. I'm on the verge of re-reading the ones I already have.

Dan: What about this book? *holds up The Last Song*

me: pfft. I watched the movie, now I don't need to read it. Just like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Oh and The Notebook, and Dear John.

Dan: Whatever. You read and watched Twilight.

me: Umm that's different. Twilight is a freakin' lifestyle.

Dan: That doesn't even makes sense.

me: Your face doesn't make sense.