Saturday, May 22, 2010

You know its funny when you piddle your pants.

I love movies. I love going to the theater and buying a big ol' bag of popcorn that should take me a week to eat, but is gone before the previews are over. I love renting movies, and curling up on the couch in my pj's. I will watch a movie on TV even if I already own it, because I like it that much. I mean, who doesn't love movies?
I love a good laugh, and there are some hilarious looking movies coming out soon, along with some great casts.

Here are 5 movies I am excited to see....

Easy A ...I have a total girl crush on Emma Stone. I am sad I have to wait til September to see this.

The Other Guys about an all star cast. Looks hilarious.

Get Him To The Greek ....These guys are a riot!

Grown Ups sides hurt from laughing just watching the preview.

Killers ....I heart Ashton Kutcher, what can I say?

What movies are you excited to see?


  1. I want to do unholy things with Russel Brand and then braid his hair while licking pixie stick sugar off his jaw line. Oh and his movie looks entertaining, too.

  2. Not comedies but I am dying to see Clash of the Titans, Eclipse and the Deathly Hallows.
    Stopped by from SITS, Happy Monday!

  3. CAN NOT WAIT to see some of these movies! Easy A looks really good. And Killers. Hehe. Love it.

    Hey, I have a blog award for you!!

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  5. OMG!!! I watched all 5 trailers and nearly peeded my own panties! Easy A looks AWESOME! They all do actually! Thx for the fab post!


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