Saturday, April 17, 2010

Raise your hand if you forgot to be an adult today....

*raises hand*

What has two thumbs, and forgot to apply for the PFD?

I know! Who the F forgets to sign up for free money?!

this guy, I already told you.

That's right. My second year eligible to get a permanent fund dividend aka free freaking money for Alaskans,
and I missed the deadline.

My husband didn't.

But I did.

Because sometimes I forget I am an adult.

Did my husband remind me to apply?


And what did I tell him?

"Duh. I already applied, I'm not retarded."

and then I started thinking. Maybe I didn't.

I couldn't remember.

I vividly remember doing the online application last year.

So on April 6th I got this nagging feeling that I should check online to see.

What did I find?

 and the deadline was March 31st.

I cried.

And then, I cried harder.

Cause then I had to tell Dan.

It was almost as scary as that time I hit his snowmobile with the truck, and he was like "You're the one who broke it? I knew someone hit it!" and I was like, "Dude, No. I just hit it like 20 minutes ago, you haven't even see it yet. You're not clairvoyant." 

But not as scary as the day before my birthday when I hit his coworkers truck with the van.
While I was parking. ....Go me.

Or like the time I forgot to send in the reimbursement form for my insurance, so my credit card ended up paying my eye doctor bills.

Oh right, still haven't told him that. whoops.

Srsly, this man has some incredible patience with me. With every situation he has stayed calm and let me know that it was all gonna be okay. Except for the insurance thing, cause I still haven't told him.

Really. Who put me in charge of all these important grown up thingys??

*head desk*


  1. Agreed! Can't someone else make sure there's milk in the fridge and pick up the loose petrified cat turds that roll around in the hallway? I'd much rather stomp in puddles, thanks.

  2. OMG! I hate being an adult! Well, at least the responsibility part of it! LOL!


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