Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I remember when myspace and facebook were all drunken snapshots and emo bangs.

Now all I see are babies, preggo bellies and engagement rings.

Are my friends getting old?

The answer is yes.


Because, I'm still sixteen ...okay maybe seventeen.
I have had my license for almost a year now. <---truth.
(fine physically I am 24 but mentally I am still 16.)

I even have the infamous hold-your-cameraphone-above-your-head-and-look-up-while-standing-in-the-bathroom-emo-myspaceyourface picture on my profile. I may or may not be wearing an Edward Cullen tshirt in said photo.

I'm still posing like an emo, while everyone else on FB is either pregnant or has just given birth like ten seconds ago (according to their status update).

To be honest...
It's starting to confuse me.

How am I supposed to know who's "totally bored at work" or who's "going to the beach" when my live feed looks like I've been friend requesting newborn babies?

I don't think those babies are taking themselves down to the beach for a crawl in the sand, nor are they at the office hanging out in highchairs with their Blackberries.

Seriously guys...

I can't tell any of you apart.

I know what you are saying,

"Their names are right next to their pictures, duh."

You think I read? Ha!

I don't. I'm not even typing this, I have a chimpanzee who transcribes everything for me.

I look at the pictures, thats what they're there for. duh.

But no, now I gotta pay extra close attention to see who's baby bump that is.

Why you gotta make my life harder?

My chimpanzee types 100 words per minute, but it can't use a mouse for sh*t. 

I'm sorry your adorably scrunchy faced baby doesn't look enough like you for me to know its you.

Don't get me wrong, I want to look at your child's pictures. I will look at every last one of them, and then not comment. Cause, I am that person.

My point is: I'm not friends with your kids, I'm friends with you.

And maybe someday I'll meet your kidlet before it goes to college. But I'm not promising anything.


  1. This is so funny :) You are only 17
    ? You are a baby for sure : ) I am 33 and today that feels VERY very old! : ) Stopping over from SITS. So nice to meet you!

  2. thank you so much for stopping by! I am actually 24 and married, I just joke a lot about being a teenager mentally. but all my friends call me the baby, so its okay. =D

  3. That is funny! I've always had kids since I've been on myspace of Facebook but I think the same thing sometimes. I once read an article/blog on how people, women in particular, hide behind pics of their kids on social networking sites. Every since then I've tried to put my face up there because it is me, not my kids that is social networking. You make a great point. And it was funny. Thanks!

    Stopping by from SITS. ;)

  4. I know exactly how you feel!! While, I don't have the whole emo cellphone picture as my main picture (I've got one of my wedding pics on there now) I do have them in my albums! And I miss all the "I'm so bored I could read the dictionary and it would fulfill me right now" status posts. And the baby thing?! Ugh. I love babies. TOO much! I have MAJOR baby fever right now. Seeing everyone else's babies and hearing about how everyone and their sister is pregnant now, DOES NOT HELP! Especially since I have to wait for at least a year to get pregnant. That is how long my husband will be gone. In a combat zone. SO no. I do not want to see more pictures of more babies.

    I'm grumpy now.

  5. Love this post! you are so right on!

    Stopping by from SITS...thanks for visiting my blog on my feature day last week.

  6. 24 is a fabulous age!! Enjoy it!:)

  7. I hear ya, although as i write this, my picture that's on my profile is of my three boys. Honestly, the reason i do it is more so because I really can't think of a single decent picture that's been taken of me in the past 10 years. You are right though, and maybe it's time I had one taken!

  8. I used to feel the same way. I can't believe it...I'll save you the stories.

    Happy SITS DAY!

  9. Great post! I originally joined myspace back in 2002 before it was everyone and their mom, then a bunch of old men looking for kids they can try and hook up with. Boy how the times change!

    Stoppin' by from SITS!


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