Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cardio. Just in time for the Apocalypse.

After my last exercise post
I realized I really need to get in to shape.
Basically because I am afraid of Zombies.

I don't wanna be that dude...yea the fat dude with the fro. 
Please. No.

I hate running.
Hell, I don't even really like walking but some of us can't afford
that Segway dealy-o and let's face it, the Segway is so un-cool.
I don't care how environmentally friendly it is.
It's for freakin nerds.
I digress.

I refuse to run on treadmills.
Treadmills hurt my boobs...
That's right, my boobies.
Because it doesn't matter how many sports bras I am wearing,
my girls are straight up not built for running.
I'm not sure duct tape could even help with this kind of technical difficulty.

So I am all about the Elliptical.

 I have been trying to go to the gym on a more consistent basis.
I work out on the Elliptical for 30-45minutes.
And then I work on some strength training and ab stuff...
yadda yadda yadda...

My question is:
Is this Elliptical going to help me escape a possible Zombies apocalypse?
I mean, are they chasing me up a hill?
Are we running up a flight of stairs?
and if so, where do these stairs lead?
They better be leading me into a freaking plane
so I can fly the H outta crazy-zombie-town.

Seriously. Things that make you go...


  1. You're amazing. I love your posts and they always make me laugh. My girls are the same way when it comes to running. Hate it.

  2. lol - glad you're back :) I never thought of the zombie issue....maybe i'll have to get a bike.

  3. Hmmm... did not consider the zombie possibilities - but I also hate cardio for the same reasons...

    I also hate sweating --- it's just icky... Will have to weigh that against the zombie factor!

  4. As the only girl who may have bigger boobs than you, Alicia and I have been swearing by one sports bra for the past ten years now: Champion Double Dry® Action Shape Sports Bra. You can run intervals on the treadmill without getting a black eye now. You're welcome.


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