Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Things I am excited about... and other random ramblings about myself.

My new eye glasses...
They are so win!
Merry Christmas, eyes!

 I seem to have neglected my eyes for the last oh... 5 years.
And this video pretty much sums it up....

A Hair Cut
Yes, a haircut. I get joy out of the little things, what can I say.
I mean who doesn't get excited about a haircut?
Okay, there's those ladies with hair past their butts that haven't cut it since the 70's, and somehow end up on What Not To Wear, because not only do they have 30 years worth of hair growth they also still wear clothes from the 70's. And that shizz only works if you're a cast member of That 70's Show. Or maybe they haven't cut it since the 80's and still get it permed and wear stonewashed mom-jeans that go up to their boobs and sweatshirts with disney character appliques on the front and built in turtle necks. Cause you can never have too many Mickey Mouse Christmas turtleneck sweatshirts. I mean, you should never own a Mickey Mouse Christmas turtleneck sweater, it makes Stacey and Clinton cry, hard. Yes, even harder than than the lady who's hair gets chopped into a bob by Nick Arrojo, who, lets be honest, needs a freakin hair intervention.
No wonder these women cry when he tells them he is cutting their hair, its like being told your makeup artists for your wedding day is a clown....a zombie clown.  ((shudder))
...this has gone on way too long.

The point is, I need to get my hair cut. Its ridiculously long and out of control. Srsly, it just needs some help.
I recently -as in two months ago- dyed my hair back to brunette because someone....Dan, said he like it better dark. What was I supposed to do? Ignore him? I was in shock that he even gave me an opinion that didn't sound like "whatever you want." or "its your hair." which sounds a heck of a lot like, "I don't care." So yes, I took back the two boxes of bleach blonde, and came home with dark brown. But really, I wish my hair looked like this...

yea that would freaking rock!
...what? you mean to tell me thats not a professional hair style?
Why can't I be like the chick on NCIS?? *stomps foot*

The gym.
okay thats a lie. I am not excited about the gym. In fact, I loathe the gym. However, I love the results you get from the gym, if you are disciplined enough to go every day...which I am not. I even begged Dan for a membership, saying I would go all the time...and I have gone twice. That was in July. I also asked him to buy me the Yoga Booty Ballet dvds...I've used them 4 times. That was last December. Its not that I don't like those workouts, I just can't work out when people are home, and thats like all the time. I have a workout ball too. Its been deflated for the last 8 months. Why am I telling you all this? Well, I just want you all to know that when I become the size of a house, I didn't want this and that the intent to be skinny was there...somewhere.

Random thought of the day:
-Who needs an iPhone case when you have a bra?
It looks like my boob is a freakin iPod. "oh hold on, let me turn down my iBoob."

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