Monday, August 24, 2009

Two Year Anniversary {Road Trip}

Yesterday was our two year wedding anniversary. We were super excited to have the day off together, and we prayed all weekend that it would be nice out. The weather did not disappoint. In the morning, we ate breakfast and watched the photo video of our first two years of marriage I made. *collective interweb "awww"*

Then we set out on our road trip.

Side note: These couple of pictures were taken a week or so ago.

We've always wanted a picture of us among the Fireweed.
Its so beautiful.
We don't look too bad ourselves.

You can never have too many self-portraits!

OKAY....are you ready for it?
This is our Anniversary Adventure...

33 miles out from Nome, is the Train to Nowhere...

Dan is driving that train... like a boss!

Pocket Edward is such a copy cat...
He was jealous that I was spending so much time with The Hubster.
Silly plastic vampire.

Council is 72 miles from Nome...
the drive is spectacular.

All the roads are gravel and really bumpy,
I like to drink large beverages when I go on these trips...
makes life much more exciting!

After all that tundra, magically TREES APPEAR!


Woah, a BIG TREE!

Look at all the glorious trees!


Hey now! Slow down trees! I wanna hug you!!
While I was admiring all the beautiful trees,
all the soda I drank kicked in.
We decided it was time for a break, and lunch.
....and I had to pee...OUTSIDE! dun dun duuuuuuun.
Good thing there were TONS of trees and foliage around...
cause there ain't no freakin way I am gonna pee out in the open. just sayin.
Moving on....

After we stopped and ate...and pee'd.
We decided it was time to head back home.
On our way back, we saw a whole herd of caribou on the road.
They were headed right for us, so we slowed
and I grabbed the handy dandy camera.
BUT some jerkface coming the other direction scared them off
in the nanoseconds it took my camera to turn on.

Here's a couple pictures of the stragglers...

They were looking right at us,
until they saw the camera...then they bolted!
What do I look like?
The paparazzi?

Don't go Bambi!

We also got to see some cute little duckies...
"here ducky ducky duckies!"

Where'd all the trees go???
Looks like we're back to the flat tundra of Nome.

Well that's all folks!

We rocked out to the iPod,
spent 5 straight hours talking
and just enjoying each others company.
It was awesome.

THE to the END!