Tuesday, June 16, 2009

{Sharing Time}

This is Dan...

(In that suit he rivals even the hottness of Rpattz. yea, I said it!)
I am one lucky chick!

~Fun Facts~

I am a spoiled brat...
I know its hard to believe, but its true.
Dan surprised me with my precious an iPhone.

(who said you can't buy my love? just kidding....kind of)
It wasn't even my birthday!

Dan packed me a lunch the other day.
Wanna know what was in it?
Too bad, I'm gonna tell you anyways. ;)
A banana, a fruit cup, a pudding snack, a hot pocket,
a hand full of Oreos, and a bottle of juice.
True story.
Does that not sound like the
lunch of champions or what?
You know what would make that lunch even better?

yep! I WANT! But I'm gonna wait for the "New Moon Lunch Boxes"
Cause I want one with Jacob on it.
Plus, Edward looks creeptastic in that picture.
just sayin'.

Dan humors me while I take pictures of
my plastic Edward doll.
He is truly 2nd hand embarrassed.
Especially when it's at, let's say, an airport or something.
Nope, never done that at an airport. Nope, not me.
("Bear, you tasty!")

Speaking of Airports...
Did I mention Dan just got an awesome job
with Alaska Airlines?
No? Well he did!! YAY!
I am gettin' the H outta Nome!
Eventually I will get to fly for free!!

Alaska Airlines Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm gonna take pictures of Edward at every airport possible!!
I mean, I would never.

Deep frying makes EVERYTHING better!
Dan agrees, and thats why we are
M.F.E.O...made for each other.
We seriously just discovered that
deep frying corn dogs is heavenly!
I don't know why we even have a microwave or oven...
I swear everything we eat now can be deep fried!
That can't be healthy!
"Hey Hey Billy, can you deep fry the Buick?"
"Sure can, but he'll probably pu-ick!"


Well kiddos, thats it for Sharing Time.
Now, it's time for snacks and a nap.
The End.


  1. Woot Dan!! So happy for you guys. And your deep frying finds. :)

  2. You should seriously consider a trip to The Lone Star State! We have fried Oreos and Twinkies...oooh and pickles! Fried pickles are equivilant to massages and Twilight daydreams. For realz. =]

  3. OMG! I MUST have that lunch box! I would proudly carry it to work with me on a daily basis, whether I have lunch with me or not. And I dare anyone to mock me for it...I dare them.
    Ok, I'm super-jealous of your impending free flights.


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