Monday, June 8, 2009

A City Girl in Rural Alaska

 have finally decided on a name for my blog. I think it describes my blog perfectly! Seeing as Dan and I both have our own blogs, I changed it from "Dan and Kim" which to be frank, was totally boring to "A City Girl in Rural Alaska" Sometimes you just need to switch things up for a fresh new look and feel.

I have been blogging since Dan and I got married, but only sporadically. I am hoping to post more frequently with much more interesting things. Summer is here in Nome, and we are hoping to go on many adventures this summer. We have yet to spend an entire summer in Nome because we usually end up going on vacation for a month. This year we don't have any plans on leaving during the nice weather.

If you wanna see what we did last summer go here and here. To see some great winter moments go here and here.

Check back often for new adventures and shenanigans from the middle of nomewhere.

KG out.


  1. I heart the new name and look. :) And I can't wait to see all these adventures, old and yet to come.

  2. I wouldn't really call Yakima a city... but, Alaska is as rural as you can get, True.

  3. How in the freakin' malarky did I miss this blog?? How KDG? I feel so left out...sniff-sniff. I never knew. attention span is rather short, but THIS is of great importance and I missed it?!...*sigh*...

    Anywho, I'm staying tuned for all your adventures! I likey adventures...


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