Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer is here...

and other things I thought might never happen!

Dreams really do come true!
This is me taking the infamous
"myspace bathroom mirror picture"
That shiny little white beauty I'm pointing at is my iPhone!
The "Best Husband Award" goes to....DAN!
True Story.

"iPhone, You are my life now."

This is me being a rockstar behind the wheel
after I successfully parallel parked for like the 5th time in 20minutes!
That brown building behind me is the famous Board of Trade Saloon aka The B.O.T.
Famous for giving away the most regrettable nights and sometimes curable diseases!
seriously...DON'T go drinking here.
just sayin. =D
(YAY! I finally know how to parallel park!)

okay so this picture, that looks like a frozen-slushee ocean...
yea thats the ocean! for realz!
actually its a "Sea" but whatevs...technicalities.
During the winter the Bering Sea just freezes the heck over...
yea! Hell freezes over here! I know no one thought it was possible,
but it is and it does.

That black dot in the middle is a seal,
like the scary one that tries to eat Mumble in Happy Feet!
(I close my eyes during that part...and the whales part...tooooo scary)

Its officially summer now that the ice has blown out on the Bering Sea.
Its been sunny blue skies, and everything is melting!
Here is a picture of our apartment I took the other day when I was walking home.
Edward wanted to be in the picture!
Check out the puddle.
Soon enough things will be all nice and green!

The End