Friday, April 10, 2009

Domestic Diva

Wednesday night I made baked potatoes for dinner. Since, I usually have a hard time baking potatoes (and just cooking in general) I decided to do what I do with everything....I googled it! I found which shows you step by step what to do. I made three large potatoes, and it took about an hour and a half to bake them. The skin was nice and crunchy, and they popped open beautifully! They were seriously scrumdiddleyumtious!! The guys were totally impressed! heck, I was impressed! I just may be domestic afterall! wish I would have taken pictures.

Monday, April 6, 2009

friday's ice capades

I bought new shoes! They are FANTASTIC! And on sale! I have been wanting a pair of sneakers that were not white, but not black either. Behold! I found super cute brown and teal Adidas! They are so comfortable, and I don't want to wear anything else. Despite the fact that there is still tons of snow and ice.

my new kicks!

So, Friday I wore them to work, because that's how I roll.
After work I decided to treat myself to some Subway (shh, don't tell the hubster) since I have been walking home from work all week. I made it safely to Subway which is located about halfway between my office and home.
I ordered my usual "Chicken Bacon Ranch on Monterey Cheddar" *drool* so good!
I filled up my soda cup with Root Beer, and threw my chips and sandwich in my messenger bag, out the door I went.
Let me tell you that Subway has a steep parking lot, which is inevitably covered in snow and ice.
In my ZEAL to get home and devour my most precious sandwich I walked briskly down this slippery-slope of a lot to the road when...


my butt was on the ground! I biffed it hardcore!
Although my cat-like agility didn't help me from falling...
My Vampire reflexes saved my soda! oh yes! not a drop was spilt!
I sat on the snow in awe!
Luckily no one was around to say anything, though I am sure the car that zoomed past had a good laugh at my expense.
I'm fine, no worries...

*nom nom nom nom*

I made it home without any more accidents.
Later that night when Dan got home from work I told him what happend and all he said was "Well, guess you better be more careful next time"
Ugh. Thanks for the love babe.
(he still doesn't know it was all because I went to Subway for dinner. It was so worth it though)