Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twilight Party

At 7:30am on 3/21/09 I sprang out of bed and made my way to the local Safeway to swipe a copy of Twilight from the rental department. I was the first person there....and the only person there for twilight. (I was fully prepared to take down any tween who got in my way...and their parents) I will have to wait about a week for my 3-disc special edition to get here, and we just couldn't wait that long!

Once I got the "goods" we set out to PARTAY!

We took a roadtrip to Forks, Washington (Kim's house) to celebrate Twilight DVD Release Day!

Taylor*, Kristen, and Rob joined us for dinner. ; )
The table was beautiful! and the menu was great!
(click photo to zoom in on menu)

Lindsay and I had so much fun making this cake. Homemade chocolate cake (baked by me) and decorated by Lindsay.

A few of the gals eating dinner... Thresia, Aly, Marcy, and Lindsay

Goodies...Twilight Saga candy bars, and stupid chocolate lambs...

Each candy bar had a different quote from each book.

All smiles after watching our favorite vampires!
(left to right) Marcy, Me, Kim, Lindsay, Alyssa.
(Marcy is representin' with the Coke!)

Close up on my awesome twilight tee

I had a hard time photographing my backside...hehe

I love Movie Jacob!

I've got lots of kisses for Rob/Edward!

Our party was PERFECT! We all had so much fun! And I look forward to wearing out my DVD when it gets here.*Edit: I changed Jacob to Taylor after my friend Lynn wrote the following on my FB wall...

"I thought it was funny that you said that Jacob, Kristin, and Rob came for dinner. 
Jacob being the only character from twilight and the other two being the actors." 

Oops! Even funnier since I like Taylor Lautner way more than "Jacob"!

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  1. Twilight, woo hoo! Awesome, love the menu!! We did a party too when Twilight released in the theatres. Though on a much much bigger scale!


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