Tuesday, March 31, 2009


"Happy birthday to me, I am now twenty-three, I still feel like a chiiiild...happy birthday to ME!"

(Thanks fam...I am enjoying my special day, now that Edward Cullen is here!)

I finally received my 3-disc DELUXE edition of Twilight!!
I was singing "happy birthday to me!" the whole time I was in the post office!
Now I have it on my computer and on the iTouch for "Twilight-on-the-go"

Today was great!
I got to sleep in because my boss is awesome and let me have the day off.
I got to go out to lunch with some friends...Thanks Nisi and Robert!
Twilight came in the mail today...hooray!
And!! Marcy came over with pink birthday cupcakes and watched the twilight special features with me!

Yesterday was great too!
I got to sleep in because it was "Seward's Day" (state holiday) woot woot!
I got to go to lunch with friends (Nisi and Robert) and the hubster!
Went to dinner at Subway with Dano, Eric, Lindsay and Scott (who got me these super cute love coupons)
And!! saw "Push", which was awesome!

The end.


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday! I hope it was the best one yet!

  2. Thanks Lauren! It was fabulous!


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